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  • LA Artcore Union Center For The Arts – Kio Griffith: in(poetry)2dexed

  • Walter Maciel Gallery – Katherine Sherwood: The Interior of the Yelling Clinic

  • Museum of Art & History (MOAH) Cedar, Lancaster – Monica Wyatt: Continuum

  • Pasadena Museum of California Art: The Feminine Sublime

  • A+D Museum – No Taste For Bad Taste

  • The Broad, Los Angeles – Jasper Johns: Something Resembling Truth

  • An Ode to Dora De Larios

  • MOAH: Lancaster Museum of Art and History

  • Art Share LA: New Façade & Re-Vitalized Mission

  • Keeping It Real: LACE at 40

  • Ian Davis: Dystopia in Paint

  • Christina Fernandez: Camera Lens as Window

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January 7-28, 2018   Kio Griffith’s installation simulated characteristics of algorithmic systems using pre-digital media such as

March 3-April 28, 2018   Katherine Sherwood has had a longstanding interest in brain structure as holographic

January 20-March 3, 2018   Monica Wyatt’s mesmerizing solo exhibition Continuum, takes the viewer for a ride

January 21–June 3, 2018   The Romantic notion of the sublime continues to haunt our consciousness, often

February 23-April 29, 2018   You see the red couch from across the room, right away. Its

February 10-May 13, 2018   This is the Jasper Johns retrospective that everyone, no doubt Johns himself,

I am interested in intersections: the spaces where serendipity or suffering meet, where passions collide

Nestled in the desert landscape between the San Gabriel Mountain Range to the south and the

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