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Peripheral Visions: Perspectives on Culture, Media, and Performance by Jacki Apple

“ In a moment I will enter with my ”luggage” a shabby and suspicious inn.   I have traveled to it

“Humanity has so far played the role of planetary killer, concerned only with its own short-term survival.” - Edward O. Wilson,

“The My Lai massacre is but one of many painful and ugly scars for which our country bears responsibility. The

Photo: Ryan Hartford “Every now and then, the energy of a whole generation comes to a head in a long fine

Every so often art delivers on the promise to transport us beyond the mind-numbing media assault and banalities of 21st

STATE OF SIEGE REDUX: The power of propaganda Both history and art have demonstrated what happens when the language of politics

As Americans we are repeatedly stunned, shocked, appalled by each new incident of a seemingly random, mass shooting by some

 INTRO   Whoever controls language determines the future.  This is the message in George Orwell’s prophetic novel 1984. In the age

In 2016 – at a time when American politics and media culture sank to an all-time low—where could a thinking

The Broad Stage, Santa Monica Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center January 8-February 6, 2016 In case you have any doubts, Big Brother

REDCAT (October 22-25, 2015) Photos: Rafael Hernandez [caption id="attachment_9590" align="alignright" width="620"] Images from John Fleck’s Blacktop Highway - Rafael Hernandez[/caption] Cinema has been the

Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA (October 16-17, 2015) Nothing could be more opposite than Umusuna—Memories Before History, the latest