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  • Entangled Waters

  • Ropa Sucia: A Review of Rolando Rodriquez’s Magical Rendition

  • Katya Usvitsky

  • Sean Noyce

  • Ai Weiwei’s Human Flow: To be a Refugee for 145 minutes

  • Steve Turner Contemporary – Claire Milbrath: Crome Yellow

  • Marc Selwyn Gallery, Beverly Hills: Signals

  • Aline Mare “Requiem: Aching for Acker”

  • LA Artcore Union Center For The Arts – Kio Griffith: in(poetry)2dexed

  • Walter Maciel Gallery – Katherine Sherwood: The Interior of the Yelling Clinic

  • Museum of Art & History (MOAH) Cedar, Lancaster – Monica Wyatt: Continuum

  • Pasadena Museum of California Art: The Feminine Sublime

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“Humanity has so far played the role of planetary killer, concerned only with its own

Rolando Rodriguez’s Solo exhibition Ropa Sucia in the Jean Deleage Art Gallery at Casa 0101

Artists You Should Know   As a child in Minsk, Belarus, sculptor Katya Usvitsky’s maternal “babushka” (also

Artists You Should Know Many decades before the Internet cultivated fake news, philosopher Michel Foucault flipped

Was it coincidence or destiny when Ai Weiwei couldn’t attend the screening of his film

November 11-December 16, 2017   Claire Milbrath’s recent series of narrative paintings are populated with figures that

January 13, 2018-February 10, 2018   The rediscovery of concrete poetry, more than a half-century after its

The Critical Eye by, Phil Tarley Mare's new photographic-based works interpret "Requiem," the last poem from Kathy

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