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Fabrik 38: Inside this Issue
Riding the Wave of PST: LA/LA into the future


In this issue of Fabrik, we dig deeper into the nuances of PST: LA/LA, before it wraps up in January. In a quest for art with unexpected layers of cultural influences related to Latin American and Latino art, we investigate a fusion of Asian, Latin American and Caribbean culture in local exhibitions at the California African American Museum, Chinese American Museum and the Japanese American National Museum. In another PST: LA/LA adventure off the beaten path, we explore the timely metaphoric significance of Jose Dávila’s nomadic modular installation piece, Sense of Place.

Also inside this issue, we get an inside look at the non-profit downtown gallery LA Artcore. In addition, we visit some LA murals and the recently opened Armory campus of the Wende Museum… plus reviews, news, insights and much more…

Megan Abrahams

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