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October 2017

Inside the entryway of Self Help Graphics & Art you are greeted by a table decorated with flowers and candles. A label reads “Sister Karen Boccalero, 20th Anniversary Commemoration.” There are notecards inscribed with messages like, “It appears you have inspired many including myself. Thank

In the early 2000s, Mark Steven Greenfield began examining the negative effects of racial stereotyping through a series of digital prints. In them, he superimposed eye charts that spell out racist jargon or witty commentary over images culled from his extensive photo collection of white

“I just like using an ordinary object, and changing the meaning of it.” — Betye Saar “Betye Saar is to assemblage what Mick Jagger is to rock and roll.” — Monica Wyatt   The assemblage work of Betye Saar is soft- spoken; conveying its message in a beguiling