• Ropa Sucia: A Review of Rolando Rodriquez’s Magical Rendition

  • An Ode to Dora De Larios

  • MOAH: Lancaster Museum of Art and History

  • Art Share LA: New Façade & Re-Vitalized Mission

  • Keeping It Real: LACE at 40

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Artists You Should Know Spirits rooted in animism often exist independent from definitive religious forms. They have an intersecting ontological premonition, an everyday existence and an invisible realm populated by the

Artists You Should Know Immigrants have long come to

Artists You Should Know Starting with a small, single

Artists You Should Know   Yaron Hakim makes drawings/paintings that

Artists You Should Know Many decades before the Internet cultivated fake news, philosopher Michel Foucault flipped the dictum “Knowledge is Power” into its ominous mirror image: “Power is Knowledge.” By reversing

November 11-December 16, 2017   Claire Milbrath’s recent series of

January 7-28, 2018   Kio Griffith’s installation simulated characteristics of

January 20-March 3, 2018   Monica Wyatt’s mesmerizing solo exhibition

The Critical Eye by Phil Tarley GETTY MUSEUM PRESENTS MAJOR SURVEY OF 100 YEARS OF FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY Photography and fashion seem like a couple; conjoined twins, each one enriched by the other, cleaved together,

The Critical Eye by, Phil Tarley The Fabulous Allan Carr,

The Critical Eye by, Phil Tarley June hosts celebrations and

Rolando Rodriguez’s Solo exhibition Ropa Sucia in the